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Naughty Treats: Bread Ahead’s “Custard Grenade” Donuts

Our VideosBy Liza de Guia on Oct 7, 2014
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“The donuts give our bakers a chance to be naughty, really. We literally carpet bomb them with sugar.”

Meet Justin Gellatly, the head baker of Bread Ahead Bakery located at the popular food stalls in London’s Borough Market. Good fortune brought me to Bread Ahead early one morning in England. A wave of heavy rock blasted from the kitchen, while an army of men in white danced to the beat of their own bread making. But, I wasn’t here for the bread this morning, I was here for Justin’s legendary custard-filled donuts – a menu item so famous and so blogged about, sometimes, even Justin admittedly can’t cope with it.

My local journalist friend, Felicity Spector, suggested this story and I am forever grateful. Justin is a modern day Willy Wonka of sorts – a true craftsman who delights in the wonder of his creations. Watch as his eyes light up when talking about the experience of eating his donuts. There’s a cheeky amusement to it, a sense that he’s recreated the magical experience of being a kid again.

I tried to share one of his donuts. A novice mistake, as these are not made for sharing. In one bite, you instantly want to be alone. The gush of cream is surprising, and it ends up everywhere! On your nose, on your cheeks, all over your fingers. Moments later, you find no matter how much you’ve licked and wiped away, there is still more custard. An everlasting memory of the most famous donuts in London. Enjoy his story.

Thanks for watching food. curated.! Happy eating!

Giving Anchovies a Good Name: Bon Chovie

Our VideosBy Liza de Guia on Sep 23, 2014
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“Honestly, I don’t even know if people know they are a fish, sometimes.”

Meet Renae Holland, the co-founder of Bon Chovie, a fresh seafood pop-up based in Brooklyn, New York. It seems silly to think that some people don’t realize anchovies are fish. To me, it’s pretty obvious. For Renae, it’s a problem – an educational obstacle she welcomes, gladly. Week after week, it’s her job to convince people that anchovies aren’t just the smelly, slimy, salty, dark pieces of mush they’re used to. She wants to expose New Yorkers to this tiny, hard to find delicacy. Lure them in with bold flavors, sell them on jam-packed nutrients and show customers that anchovies are fish worth snacking on.

Good medicine, or so this Jon Bon Jovi fanatic would say. (heh heh)

Renae believes that most Americans have never seen a fresh, whole anchovy. The majority of commercially harvested anchovies go straight to fishmeal and fish farms, with only a small percentage making it to our seafood markets. When she started Bon Chovie, 4-years ago, part of the allure was that they were so hard to get. She’s found only one shop in The Bronx that’ll source her 50lbs of fresh, Turkish anchovies each week. A source she keeps very secret. Enjoy her story!

You can find Bon Chovie every weekend at Smorgasburg food market in Brooklyn. Thanks for watching food. curated! Happy Eating! 

Brooklyn Magazine’s “50 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Food”

Blog PostsBy Liza de Guia on Sep 18, 2014
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 “And so these are the people we want to celebrate, the ones who have helped make the local dining and drinking scene into one that is talked about world-wide.”

Last week, one of Brooklyn’s hip, cultural/lifestyle magazines named their top 50 people in Brooklyn food. I am so honored to be mentioned in this inspirational group of tastemakers. Head over to Brooklyn Magazine to find out who’s at the forefront of our local food movement. Many of my personal heroes have been mentioned, along with good friends and artisans I have done stories on for my food. curated. series.

Many thanks to the editors at Brooklyn Magazine for highlighting the passion I put into my stories. It’s nice to be considered “plucky”. Enjoy the read.

New stories out next week! Stay tuned.

Lemon Pound Cake Berry Trifle w/Anita’s Coconut Yogurt (RECIPE)

Blog PostsBy Liza de Guia on Sep 11, 2014
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Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4.00.41 PM

Lemon Pound Cake Trifle

(Makes 1 dairy free loaf)

Not long ago, I took you behind the scenes to see how Anita’s Creamline Coconut Yogurt was “frankensteined”. Here is the recipe for the beautiful trifle seen in the episode. The cake is so soft and incredibly moist, thanks to the addition of yogurt in the recipe.

2 1/2 cups flour
1 tbp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup safflower oil
1 1/4 cups organic sugar
3 lemons, juice and zest
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbp ground golden flaxseed, blended with 6 tbp warm water until light and frothy
Berries or cut fruit of choice
1 cup Anita’s Coconut Yogurt

Grease and line baking pan with parchment. Sift together dry ingredients. In another bowl, whisk sugar, oil, lemon juice, zest, vanilla and flax paste until combined. Gently fold in dry ingredients until incorporated, then fold in the yogurt.

Pour batter into prepared baking pan and allow to rest while oven preheats to 350°F. Bake about 45 minutes, or until cake is golden. Remove to a rack to cool completely before serving.

To assemble the breakfast trifle
Cut pound cake into cubes. Layer in a glass dish, alternating between cake, yogurt and fruit. Repeat layers until all ingredients are used. Top with a drizzle of maple syrup and serve.

unnamedA true show stopper, that’ll impress any friend. Big thanks to Anita Shepherd for sharing her vegan, dairy free recipe.

NYC Vendy Awards Cup Finalist 2014: La Pirana Lechonera

Our VideosBy Liza de Guia on Sep 9, 2014
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“When the machete goes down like this into the meat, it’s done!”

Meet Angel Jimenez, the very charming owner of La Pirana Lechonera, a Puerto Rican food truck located in a lively neighborhood of South Bronx, New York City. Here, the big event is roast pork. Families and workers from all over the neighborhood, bring their kids and dogs to gather and feast on the whole cooked pigs Angel roasts every Saturday and Sunday. This place feels special. From the makeshift oven shed adorned with silly plush toys, to the over abundance of beach paraphernalia and Puerto Rican flags, you instantly feel somewhere. A vibe that’s genuinely New York.

I can’t wait for you to see “La Pirana’s” story. From the first bite, I couldn’t get over the tenderness and rich flavors found in Angel’s pork – high quality meat sourced every week from a farm in Pennsylvania. My advice: get over there soon and bring friends, the serving sizes are huge!

Vendy AwardsThanks for watching and supporting food. curated.! Congrats to all the Vendy Award FinalistsHappy Eating!