“Don’t look for a particular style, just look for the best master.” 

Efficiency is part of the game when you run a fast-paced poke joint. To master efficiency you must work ahead of time, “As long as you are a few seconds ahead, you’re still ahead,” claims Chef Michael Jong Lim. For him, what is key is knowing your tools and organizing your kitchen and staff in a way that builds towards success. After spending time watching the line race through ticket orders during lunch, I noticed a few kitchen tools he relied on – tools that I have since purchased for myself! So, I thought it might be fun to share a few and where to find them! You can watch the film on Chikarashi that we posted earlier this week and see how Chef Michael gracefully applies his tools. Enjoy.

Chef Michael Jong Lim’s Essential Tools 

  • Sharkskin Grater – to grate fresh wasabi
  • Small Oroshi-Gani Grater
  • Tea Brush
  • Chef Gray Kunz Spoon
  • Peeler
  • Japanese Bamboo Plating Chopsticks
  • Sesame Seed Mill

Where to Buy Online and/or In New York City

  • Korin – Fine Japanese Kitchenware & Supply Shop
  • Sunrise Mart – Japanese Grocery Items & Kitchenware (multiple locations)
  • MTC Kitchen – Japanese Restaurant Supply Shop
  • Global Kitchen Japan – Japanese Kitchenware, Knife & Cookware Shop