Where there are ends. There are beginnings…

It’s been over a year since I’ve picked up my film cameras. I’ve been rooting myself on to get my intimate food video series going again – following my heart back to the thing that makes it race with life. Every day, I’m reminded of just how much you have all done for me. Supported me throughout the years. Loved the art of stories. The singularity of passion. The camaraderie of food. All the notes you’ve ever sent me. The artisans I’ve featured that you’ve experienced and visited in return. All the love I put out, and all the friendship you poured right back in. That flow between you and I always made me feel alive – that a story can have such an effect on human connection. It’s how I love giving back to the world, an essential part of my true purpose here on Earth. So, I just want you to know how grateful I am. I haven’t forgotten about you. This new season will be magic. It will be a nourishing take on food. It will be real. It will be emotional. And funny, too! Mostly, it will help me learn, help you learn, and get us closer to something we all believe in. Each other. 

Stay tuned to our channels, get ready to eat, many delights are on the way.

xx Skeeter