When I think about the local food movement in New York, I am humbled. Humbled because it’s not about being an individual and struggling and fighting for a cause alone, it’s about coming together as a community and working together to support each other because we all believe that good food should be the standard. The movement wouldn’t exist without such a strong community – because it’s the community that inspires it and keeps it moving and chugging along.

Right now, my friend and artisan food maker Matt Tilden is fighting to grow his vision of good food. And he needs our help… http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1105420724/dough

Needless to say, Matt is deeply passionate about the power of good food. I first met Matt last year when I profiled his bread company SCRATCHbread for food. curated.. Matt was adamant that I did not show his face on camera because he so fiercely believed that his brand is not about him (at all). It’s about the people who consume the bread: the customer. It was a challenging shoot for me, just being able to film the bread and his hands, no face, no individual to point the camera to. But, after 6 hours of filming (see video below), I understood.

For Matt, it is more about achieving an IDEAL than becoming a famous bread baker. It’s about giving back to people through food, because good food had given him so much in his life…personally and professionally. He simply just wants people to experience the power of food, how eating better can change your lifestyle and build communities. And it’s a vision like this we can all get behind because WE are the people who truly benefit.

So, in this week of giving, I ask you to consider this Kickstarter campaign for a small donation. Matt needs 700 people to believe in SCRATCHbread. 700 people to donate $10 in support of bringing good food to more communities and building a business that sends a message about breaking bread together…again.

Come watch the NEW video I put together for Matt in support of his D.O.U.G.H. campaign. Thanks so much for supporting. Every $10 donation gets you a SCRATCHbread STUYVESANTsour boule so you can have a bite of delicious too! Have a Happy Thanksgiving…