Meet Ben Sargent, a Boston born and bred die-hard traditionalist when it comes to seafood.

Ben’s got a bone…actually, make that cartilage to pick with New York City’s lobster rolls, claiming that most New Yorkers don’t know what a ‘real’ lobster roll is, the kind he grew up on eating dockside in Cape Cod and Boston.

So, aiming to educate, he opened The Underground Lobster Pound, a questionably legal underground lobster shack out of his basement apartment in Brooklyn, welcoming friends, strangers and die-hard lobster roll aficionados to get a true taste of what “God had a hand in creating”…the true version of the Northeast lobster roll. It’s a roll he believes in and the start of a lobster roll and chowder shack he hopes to build in the near future.

Please enjoy this little tale about a man re-discovering his true purpose in life, and take a moment to think if you’ve truly tasted the perfect lobster roll, if not…well, you’ve still got time.

To find Ben & his semi-secret underground lobster pound, you can DM me on Twitter and I’ll give you his ordering number, or friend him off his website at

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**Ben is also a popular radio host on The Heritage Radio Network, tune in to his radio show on Wednesdays, Catch It, Cook It, Eat It**