Secret recipes are secret for a reason.

Meet Keavy Landreth, owner of Kumquat Cupcakery in Brooklyn. I was invited into her kitchen space to see how she makes her secret recipe for what many refer to as “Brooklyn’s favorite miniature cupcakes”.

A few years back, Keavy found herself disappointed with the over-sized, dry, unmemorable cupcake offerings in cupcake-obsessed New York City, and decided to create an entirely original recipe of her own, just for fun. She started selling to family & friends, then to local flea markets, hearing over and over from customers that her cupcakes were “the best cupcakes they’ve ever had”.

(And after tasting a dozen or so myself, they are definitely the best cupcakes I’ve ever had!)

Knowing that food was a passion she always wanted to persue, she decided to launch Kumquat Cupcakery. And now this one-woman-show cupcake catering business sells 2,000-3,000 cupcakes per week!

Seasonal. Sustainably-focused. And Local. This is truly an inspiring story about “going for it” packed into one little bite. Enjoy!

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To get your hands on Keavy’s cupcakes or to check out her line-up of flavors, please visit:, or stop by The Brooklyn Flea on weekends!