“A lot of people have called me to tell me they haven’t even made the cookies, they’ve just eaten the dough, which is fine by me…”

Meet Loren Brill, the founder/visionary behind Sweet Loren’s, a “good-for-you” cookie dough and brownie dough company based in New York City. Loren’s story is very special. Special because there’s so much personal meaning and good-intent behind her brand you can’t help but to root for her no matter the outcome of this contest. Plus, did I mention she’s only 25 years old! Anyhow, I don’t want to say too much because the story says it all, but just know that the reason why I started food. curated. was because I believed in good messages like hers, born out of passion with a mission to feed people well. In her own words, Sweet Loren’s cookies and brownies “defy logic that they are unquestionably delicious, and yet one-of-a-kind in nutritional value.”

You can purchase Sweet Loren’s products at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle in NYC, or online on her website.

Frozen Dough Products

  • Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Bold Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Chewy Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie
  • Dark Double Fudge Brownie

For tickets to The Next Big Small Brand Contest event to meet Loren (and yes she is as sweet as her name says) on January 12th, click here.

Thanks for watching food. curated. Happy Eating!