“Most dairy-free yogurts aren’t white. But, they should be. I didn’t want to put anything fake in the food I was making.”

Meet Anita Shepherd, the inventor and founder of Anita’s Creamline Coconut Yogurt, a small-batch, dairy free yogurt business based in Brooklyn, NY. Of all the makers I’ve worked with, no one has been more outspoken about the lengths they go to keep their secret recipe on lockdown than Anita. It may seem crazy, and a bit overboard, but if you watch her story, you’ll understand. It took her YEARS to develop the consistency, the texture, the perfect flavor of her yogurt. Even when everyone told her to give up, she persisted. She kept testing and testing (and testing and testing and testing…) until, she became an expert herself. Now, she’s getting many anonymous inquiries from industry people, who she believes are out to steal her recipe. This might make her overprotective, but it also makes her feel good.

In my experience of dairy-free yogurts, I have seen and tasted nothing like it. It is of the highest quality. Pure ingredients, nothing fake. With a creamline, so thick, so beautifully white, it makes you doubt it’s not dairy. Talking with Anita, I start to think that we should all go a little crazy sometimes. Why fighting for what we want, can lead to impossible things. That’s the greatness of invention. And I admire Anita. A lot.

Currently, a select number of stores NYC and Long Island listed HERE carry her coconut yogurt. Or follow this link to Good Eggs NYC to have it delivered to your door! I love it for breakfast with granola and berries. Anita suggests it makes a great substitute for cream in pasta sauces too. Plus, it’s vegan and vegetarian-friendly. I hope you give it a try.

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