[iframe http://nyc.gov/html/nycmg/nyctvod/html/home/embedplayer.html?src=foodcuratedtrailer.flv?screen=foodcuratedtrailer_large.jpg?link=foodcuratedtrailer.html 499 319]

Check out my new TV promo!

The talented crew over at NYC Media just sent me the food. curated. promo that’s debuting on their NYC life channel. It’s been awhile since I’ve hosted a show, but I hope you enjoy the fact that you get to see me come out from behind the camera for the first time!

Don’t forget, tonight we’ll celebrate the PREMIERE of my new series at 9pm on NYC life (Channel 25). I definitely will be popping some champagne in honor of all the great folks making New York City’s food scene more sustainable, homegrown, handmade and community supported – ’cause that’s what my series is all about.

All in all, I guess I just want to say, food. curated. truly is a combination of everything that I’m passionate about: people, food, film making, the environment and New York City. I’ve got big dreams for this series, and this is just the beginning…

Please visit nyc.gov/media for local cable and satellite listings. And if you miss it tonight, no worries, it’ll play again throughout the week. Enjoy the show! And happy eating!