When supermarket granola just didn’t have that savory, well-seasoned crunch, she decided to make her own..

Meet Nekisia Davis, artisan granola maker & founder of Early Bird Granola in Brooklyn, New York. According to Nekisia, once she gets a food idea into her head she becomes obsessed, testing recipes for months until they are mastered, which is exactly what happened over a year ago when her friend urged her to make homemade granola. The task turned into an obsession – an obsession which led to a new, more wholesome recipe for granola, a recipe so good she decided to turn it into a business. And in Spring 2009, Nekisia began selling her granola at small artisan markets across NYC, promoting her philosophy about eating good, whole foods: “foods that your grandmother would eat”.

Every bag of Early Bird Granola is handmade, hand-mixed and hand-packed with “salt, olive oil and love…it’s all about the love.” So come take a peek inside Nekisia’s kitchen and see how small batch granola gets made. Enjoy!

To purchase Nekisia’s granola online or for more information, please visit: http://www.earlybirdfoods.com. Or stop by one of these artisan markets in New York City:

My favorite blend is Farmhand’s Choice, but you might want to sample her brand new granola recipe: Choc-a-Doodle-Doo (made especially for chocolate lovers). Happy eating! Thanks for watching food. curated.!