There is such a thing as a good mistake…

Meet Chef Ross Hutchison, the founder of Bacon Marmalade, an “unctuous” creation born out of a mistake. It’s a mistake that I can only think fate had a hand in creating, because I now cannot imagine a food world without it. To describe it would be tough, you just have to taste it. It’s bacon, but so much more… And Ross believes he truly stumbled on way to “make bacon better.” And after tasting it, it’s hard not to agree. (It certainly makes my sandwiches taste better!)

Ross and his girlfriend Joanna Cybulski launched Bacon Marmalade out of their small apartment during the summer of 2009 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – a launch that happened through the urging of good friends who greedily wanted it bottled on a weekly basis. Bacon Marmalade already has a steady and loyal, if not underground, following.

I happened to discover Bacon Marmalade at a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at about 1am in the morning. A girl I was hanging out with just pulled it out of her bag and started eating it right there in front of me, with her drink straw, and practically forced me to try it! As soon as the “marmalade” hit my tongue, I had an epiphany, a moment of bacon enlightenment, and I was hooked.

So, enjoy this story about luck, because sometimes in the kitchen…that’s all it is.

To get your hands on a jar of Bacon Marmalade, visit: Or send an email to [email protected] It costs $9 for a 4oz bottle – think of it as a treasure. Chef Ross and Joanna can also be found selling at The Greenpoint Food Market and The Brooklyn Lyceum Market. Also, this Sunday, they are competing in The Brooklyn Brunch Experiment at The Bell House. You’ll be sure to taste their Bacon Marmalade there…

Thanks for watching food. curated. Happy eating!