“I eat a lot of cookies. I KNOW cookies.” -Gail Dosik

For a little treat today, I thought it might be nice to hear from THE Tough Cookie about her favorite cookies in New York City. Enjoy hunting these down:

1: Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookie. Hands down, my favorite make myself feel better, reward myself, hey, I’m just walking past Jacques Torres’ place kind of cookie. It’s the right ratio of crisp/chewy, dough/chocolate chunks, sweet/salty.  And, it’s more than just 3 bites.  It’s practically a meal, if cookies were a meal, of course.  I vote this THE best chocolate chip cookie in NYC.

2. Beurre & Sel’s Classic Jammers.  I count myself among the legions of Dorie Greenspan fans, so I’m THRILLED that she and her son Josh now have a place where I can run and pick up a sleeve of her delightful jammers. A jammer is more than a cookie, it’s more like an individual fruit tart of sorts, with a crispy bottom cookie covered with delicious fruit jam and topped with a buttery streusel.

3. Bien Cuit’s Almond cookie. One of the most delicate, buttery, almondy, delicious tea cookies I’ve ever had. It reminds me of cookies that a family friend would bring us…Windmill cookies, but only 10x better. This sophisticated little gem deserves to be served alongside a lovely cup of freshly brewed tea, with each bite slowly savored.

4. Sarabeth’s Chocolate Chubbies. Chocolatey and nutty, not really a brownie, not really a cookie. And that suits me just fine.

5. Momofuku Milk Bar’s Corn Cookie. I know you thought I’d say Compost Cookie, but for me, the Corn Cookie is so different that I adore it. Sweet, but salty (best cookies are always sweet and a little salty), with a fantastic chewy texture.  It’s as though a really good corn muffin was turned into a cookie. Sheer perfection.