Deep in Brooklyn, there is a special place where people gather with friends and family to enjoy the authentic flavors of Latin cuisine, where food tastes like home, and where recipes have been passed down for generations. This place is called The Red Hook Ball Fields, where a collection of Mexican, Central and South American street food vendors that have been lining the soccer park for decades, sharing a piece of their heritage with all that come to dine there on weekends.

It’s a casual affair filled with many moments of indecision, as the variety of food is overwhelming and the smells from the food trucks tempt you in multiple directions. Some of the best Latin cuisine in all of NYC can be found here. And I spent a day at the ballfields to find out what makes the Red Hook Food Vendors so special.

Happy eating! Thanks for watching food. curated.

**This video was filmed in association with Food Films America and premiered at The 2010 NYC Food Film Festival!**