So the story goes, I was at my friend @jonlabes apartment for dinner, and he puts this ridiculously huge box of star-shaped cookies before me with a little evil smile. He says, “Go ahead, have one.” But I’m not so excited, you see, because cookies just aren’t my thing. I don’t desire them. I’m a salty kinda girl. I like my appetizers and usually skip dessert.

But he insisted, “Just try to have one. It’s impossible to have just one. Trust me, WE tried.” (We, meaning, him AND his girlfriend.) Apparently, this is a decision they go through everyday. Before breakfast. After breakfast. Before dinner. After dinner. And maybe a couple times during the day when hunting around for snacks.

So, I do as I am told. I curiously place one into my mouth… I chew… I look at him with my “oh, my god these ARE good” eyes and pick up another. Then, my hand on instinct reaches for yet another cookie! They are the perfect size. Small enough to fit in your mouth with one bite, and small enough to not feel guilty for having 4 or 6 in less than a minute’s time. Memories accessing that growing-up, girl scout cookie kinda flavor recalling, “Yes, Liza, yes. This is something you like”. And the crunch…that chocolate-covered graham cracker crunch. The little evil white sprinkles that pop in your mouth equating to pure pleasure!

He’s right. Damn him. I cannot, CANNOT have just one little star cookie.

So, like I was saying, don’t do what I did and seek out these cookies. Don’t go to the corner of Graham Ave & Metropolitan in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn and enter the underwhelming pharmacy storefront. Don’t talk to the manager and have him tell you these seasonal cookies sell like crack. Don’t buy a 1/2 case and pile them on your kitchen table. Just don’t do it. You WILL eat them all.