“It’s always been my dream to become a condiment man, and I feel like I’m taking the steps necessary, at this point, to reach that goal.”

Meet Michael Kurtz, the founder and completely obsessed “condiment man” behind Mike’s Hot Honey, a small-batch spicy pepper infused honey company based in Long Island City, Queens. Mike loves condiments. He collects them like a little kid would collect baseball cards. It’s a love that grew out of his passion for hot sauces growing up; a love that expanded to other bottled and jarred goods as he was exposed to greater cuisines and food markets here in New York City.

Now, not all collectors like to become the maker of things they like to collect. But, Mike always had a passion for food. He’s not a trained chef, but works confidently around a kitchen; and for many years, he tried to develop his own special condiment to take to market. But nothing, and I mean nothing, really inspired him until he had his first taste of spicy pepper infused honey in Brazil in 2003.

So, come watch Mike’s story and see for yourself why these little squeeze bottles of red-hued honey are full of surprises and secrets worth trying over and over, and again and again and again.¬† I will admit, I’m an addict already. It pairs with more foods than you can imagine too. I’ve squeezed it onto cooked seafood, peanut-butter sandwiches, all sorts of fruits and vegetables, avocados, eggs, cheeses – it even made it onto my morning granola w/yogurt & berries. And I tell you, it was damn good. This Mike’s Hot Honey stuff is amazing. And like the title says, this condiment will change your life. It’s already changed mine and a good number of people here in New York and across the country who’ve been lucky enough to try it.

To pick up a $6 bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey for your own personal condiment collection, you can visit Paulie Gee’s Pizza in Brooklyn or order online here. He even ships internationally too.

Some of Mike’s favorite hot honey food pairings are listed below. And the best part is, he sources his honey from a local apiary in Pennsylvania, with hopes to one day find a farmer to grow his secret peppers here in New York.

Mike’s Top Hot Honey Pairings:

  • manchengo cheese & Bosc pears
  • vanilla ice cream (Mike’s mom’s favorite)
  • vegetable & meat stir fry
  • shrimp
  • roasted chicken
  • Salvatore Bklyn ricotta w/fresh baguette (his favorite)

Thanks for watching food. curated.! Happy Eating!