The gluttony goes down at The Bell House, Brooklyn, March 21, 6-9pm. From their website:

Endless pitchers of local beer on every table, mountains of choice steak cuts, and absolutely no utensils. All enjoyed to the sweet tunes of Brooklyn’s favorite hillbilly boogie band, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Company. This is a celebration of America’s favorite libation and our carnivorous inclinations. Boisterous crowds committed to communal singing are not only welcome, but encouraged at this winter affair.

At the height of 1880s New York celebration, Tammany Hall politicians invented the all-you-can-eat-and-drink beef and beer feast to buy votes. The flash-in-the-pan extravaganzas were fashionable among New York’s elite, but lost favor in the early 20th century, surviving only in backwaters of New Jersey.¬† After 100 years in exile, come one, come all, to partake in the raucous atmosphere of the New York docks and saloons of years past. *Everyone will take home their very own souvenir apron so you always have a cow map handy when you are grilling poolside.