Some people just like working with seafood…

Meet Simon Marrian, the president and owner of Samaki Smoked Fish in Port Jervis, NY. He’s a self-taught fish smoker who began selling cold-smoked fish to upscale safari lodges as a young man in Africa.

I sought him out in Port Jervis because I know he understands there’s an art to smoking salmon. And I know this because I eat his product, a lot. To me, his smoked salmon tastes like no other salmon out there on the market, and what I learned is that it has a lot to do with their hands-on process. Unlike other smoked fish houses that use preservatives and fish coloring in their product, Simon’s philosophy is that you don’t need much to achieve a good thing, just a little brown sugar and salt for curing, oak smoke, a homemade brick kiln and a really, really fresh piece of fish.

Samaki Smoked Fish is proud of their all-natural product line that also includes smoked trout, sable, whitefish, and cold-smoked yellowfin tuna. And if this doesn’t speak for itself, you can find their product front and center at some of the premiere seafood counters in NYC: Russ & Daughters, The Lobster Place, Barney Greengrass, Zabar’s and Agata & Valentina. (Or across the country in specialty markets in Boston, Washington, D.C. and California.)

So enjoy this peek into a very special family-run fine smoked fish operation, and see for yourself where good food comes from. And for more information on Samaki Smoked Fish, please visit their website:

Samaki’s Smoked Salmon Flavors:

  • Irish Organic Smoked Salmon (my favorite)
  • Eastern Nova Smoked Atlantic Salmon
  • Pastrami Smoked Salmon
  • Vodka Dill Smoked Salmon
  • Lemon Pepper Smoked Salmon
  • Kippered Salmon
  • Double Cured Smoked Salmon

Thanks for watching food. curated. Happy eating!