If you’re looking for a red velvet cupcake, whatever you do, don’t go looking here…

Meet Matt & Allison Robicelli, the young husband and wife chef team behind Robicelli’s Cupcakes in New York City. They got into cupcakes over a year ago because of what Allison calls “fate”, a random series of fortunate events that transformed their local gourmet Brooklyn food shop into a kitchen for cupcakes, or, a.k.a. “mini artisanal gorgeous desserts” – a description a fan came up with which, unfortunately, doesn’t fit too well on a business card.

Allison & Matt fell in love over their mutual obsession for homemade recipes, cookbooks and enjoyment of food, a passion that truly shows through in their inventive and original cupcake recipes – so many that it’s getting too hard for them to count. All in all, they are on a quest to bring happiness to the sweet tooth masses by making every dessert imaginable in a tasty, affordable, cupcake form. “Because everyone deserves to eat good food”.

And lucky for us, they put good food in individual-sized cakes and top it with rich, “ethereal” buttercream. A perfect reason to have dessert every day of the week… So, enjoy this little story I did with Allison & Matt. Afterwards, you can go seek ’em out at these NYC local food shops:

Cafe at Sams Bakery- 275 94th St, Bay Ridge
Hom- 8804 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge
Blue Apron Foods- 814 Union St, Park Slope
Cafe 474- 474 4th Ave, Park Slope
Crespella- 321 7th Ave, Park Slope
Market- 1211 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park
Tazza Cafes- 311 Henry St, Bklyn Heights AND 72 Clark St, Bklyn Heights
Brooklyn Farmacy- 513 Henry St, Carroll Gardens
Radish- 158 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

Cakeshop- 152 Ludlow St, LES
Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Cafe- 36 W40th St, Bryant Park, Midtown

Flavors they debuted in our video shoot:

Butternut Spice– butternut squash cake, vanilla buttercream, spiced pumpkin seeds, butternut squash seed oil
Boston Cream – vanilla cake, vanilla bean custard buttercream, chocolate ganache
Apple Maple Crisp– apple cake, vanilla buttercream, roasted apple butter, oat crisp, pure Vermont maple syrup
Dark Chocolate Dulce– dark chocolate cake, dulce de leche buttercream,
dark chocolate drizzle, flake sea salt
*Oh, and by the way, red velvet cupcakes are their nemesis. To them, “it’s just red food dye”.

For their lastest seasonal cupcake flavors, follow Robicelli’s on Twitter @Robicellis. Thanks for watching food. curated. Happy Eating!!