Meet Dan Semko the founder & head sausage maker of Renaissance Sausage, a locally sourced and organic artisan sausage truck in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hundreds and hundreds of handmade pork, lamb, beef, vegetarian & chicken sausages are grilled up every week at this food truck newcomer to Philly. The sausages come out hot, plump, ooooozing with fat drippings and dressed with ingredients only a fine sandwich maker would dream up. According to Dan, Renaissance Sausage is dedicated to showcasing the variety of local meats and organic produce grown in the surrounding Lancaster farm region – the main reason their sausages taste a cut above other sausage vendors.

Check out their current menu and see for yourself!


Country Herb Sausage – An all natural pork sausage with a blend fresh sage and thyme, enhanced with a kick of cayenne pepper, and topped with caramelized onions. Served to order on a local bakery fresh roll.

Mediterranean Sausage – Lancaster Lamb and Beef enhanced with a blend of traditional Mediterranean spices, served on a local bakery fresh roll layered with fresh hummus and a tahini dressed cucumber, red onion, tomato and feta salad. The sandwich is finished with our homemade tzatziki sauce.

Asian Chicken Sausage – Local Organic Free Range Chicken Sausage enhanced with oriental herbs and spices. Served on a local bakery fresh roll and topped with a spicy mango slaw.

Vegetarian Sausage – This all natural meat free sausage is a blend of fresh local vegetables, herbs, spices and vegetable proteins. We took the time and care developing this delicious option so that even the most convicted meat eaters will be happy they chose it. As with all of our sausage, it is served on a local bakery fresh roll and is topped with a chipotle vegannaise and caramelized onions.

I hope you make the drive out to visit Philly to enjoy Dan’s passion for sausage making. His gourmet takes on sausage combos will delight and often surprise you, leaving you licking your lips for more of that unique flavor and meaty bite. And the best part is that their sausage sandwich menu is always changing with the food seasons…

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