How to cook local duck. So we showed you John Fazio’s small duck farm and the unique salt curing process, now it’s time to make a dish.

In true farm to table fashion, Savoy restaurant in NYC shows us how they prepare fresh local duck from John Fazio’s Farm. Meet Chef de Cuisine Ryan Tate and watch as he explains the process to cooking duck properly and why their restaurant believes in working with small farmers.

Executive Chef Peter Hoffman of Savoy is very picky when it comes to sourcing the local ingredients for his restaurant, he had this to say about John Fazio:

‚ÄúJohn’s doing a great thing. He is taking a duck of fine breeding and heritage and raising them with care and quality. For a dish that has become a signature of our cooking, it’s vital that our ingredients consistently reflect our values and our commitment to great taste. Fazio’s ducks do that.‚Äù

Hope you take the time to find local farmers in your area that raise local ducks with pride. Or if you would like to directly contact John Fazio, you can DM me on Twitter.  Happy eating!

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