“Not only is it creating a really good beverage, but it’s also helping the motion of people getting off the artificial stuff.”

Meet Anton Nocito, the founder and chef behind P&H Soda Co, an artisan soda syrup company in Brooklyn, NY. Anton’s love affair with soda didn’t start with Coca-cola, unlike most kids, his love affair started at actual traditional soda fountains in the New York area, where his father and grandfather would take him on occasion for “a treat”. (Back then, sodas were treats.) These nostalgic memories stayed with him, until 2009 when he actually started doing something about it. Being a trained chef who’s worked in many renowned NYC kitchens, Anton began a quest to create a line of soda syrups that were a modern take to the old soda fountain flavors he grew up on, and in January 2010, he launched P&H Soda Co.

So enjoy this behind-the-scenes look into Anton’s operation. Many artisan shops in Brooklyn and a few spots in Manhattan feature his syrups. Or you can order one of his four popular flavors to make your own sodas at home online.

**And for the curious, the P and H in P&H Soda Co. stands for Pumpkin and Honeybunny, two characters from the movie Pulp Fiction.

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