“So our passions totally melded because we both forever since we were in college wanted to run a food company, and we just needed to find the right person…”

Meet Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin the beer-n-drink loving young ladies behind Ovenly, a creative kitchen in Greenpoint, Brooklyn specializing in bar snacks and desserts. So, they tell me, it was love at first taste. The baking-duo met at a book club potluck 2-years ago and decided, right then and there, to start a food company. Seriously, just like that! They would meet up at bars and pubs in their local neighborhoods to go over recipes and new ideas, when one fateful crappy bar snack night a light bulb went off in both their heads. See the video.

Ovenly does the best they can to source high-quality, organic ingredients for their bar snack line. Right now, they offer 3 products: spicy bacon caramel corn, bacon fat-washed Old Bay (TM) peanuts, and maple thyme pecans with about 5 more snacks “in development” phase. (The one I’m most excited about is their attempt to recreate Combos! Yeah, I’m the girl who LOVES Combos.) In addition to being good to the earth, Agatha & Erin make a conscious effort to help their own food community by partnering with other local artisans like The Meat Hook and My Friend’s Mustard to incorporate their products into their recipes. Why? Well, because it’s fun.

Locally, you can find their bar snacks at Veronica People’s Club, Paulie Gee’s (also the kitchen they produce out of), Brooklyneer, The New York Marriott in Midtown, Eastern District and The Brooklyn Brewery. The news is that we’ll be seeing more of them in 3 new high-profile establishments come June. So go out and have a beer, have some Ovenly spicy goodness, and don’t forget to give them a holler…even if it is at 4 a.m.

And if you’re a bar owner, or if you know a bar owner who has crappy bar snacks, check out Ovenly. They can help you create signature snacks for your customers, most likely, over beers.

Thanks for watching food. curated. Happy eating!

31 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11222

(347) 689-3608