New York City breeds the most interesting foodies. Meet Dan Machin, the farmer of his self titled farm: “The Lone Acre”.

Dan Machin loves food. Dan Machin loves a challenge. Which is why Dan set out to see how much he could endure farming alone for a year as 1 man on 1 acre of land tackling 100 varieties of not-so-familiar produce to sell at his very first NYC farm stand.

His methods are “chaotic” and his vision…fascinating. And as you can see, spending that much time alone, gives you a lot to think about…especially about yourself.

Enjoy my little story on The Lone Acre. You can visit Dan in Riverhead, Long Island or in NYC at his farm stand every Sunday from 11-5 at J.J. Byrne Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Go ahead and try some try something new, that’s what he’s there for…

Contact Dan: [email protected]