“We have a pie shape for every hunger level and every need.”

Meet Cheryl Perry and Felipa Lopez, the founders and bakers behind Pie Corps, an artisan, farm to table pie company based in Brooklyn, New York. Their tag line reads: “Ready to Roll”– and that’s just how they’ve operated – going with the flow, being optimistic, conquering any obstacle to keep their pie business going since first opening in May 2011. As long-time friends and kitchen collaborators, they’ve always believed opening a food business together was their destiny; and after making pies one summer, something just clicked.

Enjoy their story! To taste Pie Corps’ delicious pie crust and traditional pie fillings with a twist,  you can order them online, or visit one of their retail locations in New York here. There’s a reason I ended the video on their Chocolate Pudding Pie w/Rosemary Caramel and Sea Salt. You HAVE to try it. It’s not only a chocolate lover’s dream, but just one of those rare food moments in life where you just nod your head, say a little thanks, and think to yourself: “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The Next Big Small Brand Contest Tasting + Judging Event is March 27th at BAM in Brooklyn. This is the 3rd of 6 finalist videos I’m making for the contest. Come out and support small food artisans!

Thanks for watching food. curated.! Happy eating!

Pie Corps
77 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11222

(917) 721-3052