Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – no matter the season, no matter the weather – I always have room for dumplings. I’m not alone in thinking this, either. To many, they are the ultimate comfort food – a cure in and of itself. A plump, one bite wonder. Sometimes two. Sometimes three. All depending on how ambitious you are. Luckily, around New York City, we have many, many types and styles of dumplings to choose from. Below, please enjoy our recommended list of dumplings from the food. curated. family. Take good notes!

11 Best Dumpling Joints to Hunt Down in NYC
via Donny Tsang, food photographer & dumpling lover (@donny_tsang

  • Mandoo Bar – It’s hard to go wrong with any of the dumplings at Mandoo Bar in Koreatown, but my favorite is the Kimchi Mandoo. It’s salty, tangy, spicy, and super comforting.
  • Shanghai Cafe – I prefer soup dumplings with a not-so-thin-and-not-so-thick skin and the ones at Shanghai Cafe are perfect. The fun here is in powering through a few trays of soup dumplings, sitting beneath bright neon lights.
  • Baba’s Pierogies – Baba’s offers eight different types of pierogies, from Spinach and Feta to Mac and Cheese. My favorite is the classic Potato and Cheese. For an extra bit of indulgence, order the pierogies topped with bacon.
  • Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle – Lam Zhou may specialize in fresh hand, pulled-noodles, but their simply boiled dumplings are top-notch. To feed my obsession with their dumplings, I always keep a bag of their frozen dumplings on hand, so I can have them whenever I want at home.
  • A&G Himalayan Fresh Food – When it comes to the Tibetan momo, I generally prefer the beef over the chicken variety. I just find the beef to be more flavorful. Get the ones at A&G with hot sauce on the side.
  • Nom Wah Tea Parlor – Whenever I’m at Nom Wah, I have to get the Shrimp with Snow Pea Leaf Dumplings. I love the extra bit of freshness the snow pea leaves bring to this classic dim sum dish.
  • Dumpling Galaxy – It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the extensive list of classic and not-so-classic dumplings at Dumpling Galaxy. But don’t be afraid to try something new. The Pan Fried Lamb and Squash Dumplings are a real standout for me.
  • Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao – It’s worth the wait for a table. The soup inside these dumplings has real depth, and the thickness of the dumpling skin is just right.
  • Yun Nan Flavors – I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I ordered the Dumplings in Hot and Sour Sauce at this spot in Sunset Park. The dumplings are pretty standard, in my opinion—but when eaten in the pool of hot and sour broth, transform into an indescribably comforting dish.
  • Amdo Kitchen – For $5, you can get 8 delicious and filling Beef Momos at this restaurant in Jackson Heights. Be sure to watch out for the piping hot soup within!
  • Shanghai Family Dumpling inside Fei Long Market – Located inside the Fei Long Market Food Court, Shanghai Family Dumpling does a pretty good soup dumpling. The best part? The speed with which you can go from placing your order to having dumplings in your mouth. With no wait for a table and counter-service only, Shanghai Family Dumpling is quick and satisfying.

A&G Beef Momos (photo: Donny Tsang)

In addition to the impeccable dry-aged beef potstickers and pan-fried pork dumplings at East Wind Snack Shop, the subject of our latest documentary on passionate food makers, I wanted to highlight 11 of my most memorable dumpling experiences in the New York City area. Dumplings good for every excuse in the book.

11 MUST EAT Dumplings in NYC
via Liza deGuia, Founder/Chief Storyteller, food. curated. (@SkeeterNYC)

  • WinSon’s Taiwanese-style, Pan-Griddled Pork Buns – plated already dressed for the party w/scallion, black sesame & chili vinaigrette, these pork buns will make you a Taiwanese dumpling believer.
  • Stanton Social’s French Onion Soup Dumplings – I love when chefs get creative with dumplings. These soul-satisfying winks to the classic French dish come filled with a rich onion soup mixture & served in a fancy escargot plate topped with melted Gruyere cheese & garlicky croutons. For $17, it’s a most unexpected dumpling bite.
  • 969 NYC Coffee’s Japanese-style Shrimp Tofu Pockets  – This tiny, love injected, Japanese snack shop in Jackson Heights, run by the charming proprietor Oda Mitsumine, specializes in playfully shaped onigiri and small lunch offerings like spam musubi, chicken katsu, seaweed salads and more. One of my favorite specials is his beautiful envelope of sweet tofu skin filled w/vinegary rice, baby shrimp, pickled daikon & red pepper. These bite-sized displays of delicate Japanese craftsmanship are almost too pretty to eat, but don’t let that stop you!
  • Spicy & Tasty’s Wontons or Dumplings in Red Chili Sauce – When you need a spot to satisfy that craving for the mouth-numbing flavors of Szechuan cuisine, head over to Spicy & Tasty in Flushing, Queens. The pork wontons in red chili oil found here will bite you back! After a few rounds to whet the appetite, order a few beers, then get down to business w/spicy mapo tofu, spicy bamboo shoots, shredded pork w/hot pepper, spicy eggplant, scallion fried rice, fish fillet in spicy sauce, dry beef w/chili pepper and the Dan Dan noodles. You’ll be all set.
  • M Shanghai Bistro’s Spicy Pork Wontons in Peanut Butter Sauce – These dumplings are often hit or miss, depending on if the A-team or B-team is in the kitchen that day. But, when you’re lucky enough to hit the peanut butter jackpot and land on a good night, these spicy wontons are a savory sweet revelation. I will also say, these are the only things worth coming for on the menu.
  • White Bear’s Pork Wontons w/Hot Sauce – For an authentic dumpling experience in the crowded streets of Flushing, head to White Bear. At the counter, order the popular #6 ‘Wonton w/Hot Sauce’ topped with pickled ginger, scallions & chili pepper and eat at one of the small tables. Pro tip: be sure to leave with a large pack of frozen dumplings for your freezer.
  • Talde’s Pork & Chive Pretzel Potstickers – Whether you head to the Talde location in Brooklyn or Jersey City, you’ll understand pretty quickly why these are their most popular menu item. Here you’ll find a flavorful, juicy pork filling paired w/crisp-around-the-edges, pretzel-like dumpling skin. You’ll wonder, why didn’t I think of this myself.
  • Shanghai Restaurant’s Pork or ‘Crab & Pork’ Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings – There are a number of traditional soup dumpling spots I frequent in New York City: Joe’s Shanghai, King’s County Imperial, Shanghai Cafe Delux. But, for a really nice broth to filling experience, the xiao long bao at Shanghai Restaurant are definitely worth a trip to Fort Lee, NJ.
  • Potala Fresh Momo’s Tibetan Beef Momos – So, I will say, when winter hits, my appetite starts to lean more towards Tibetan beef momos and Polish pierogi dumplings. I don’t know what it is about winter that triggers that. However, you can’t go wrong with Potala’s food cart’s to-go style beef momos w/hot sauce. Devour them right on the street for a quick, hearty solution to frostbite.
  • Mimi Cheng’s Chicken & Zucchini Dumplings – The truth is, it’s really hard for me to find a truly satisfying chicken dumpling, one with full dark meat flavor and interesting spices in the filling. But, every time I eat Mimi Cheng’s handmade chicken & zucchini dumplings, I remember not to discriminate.
  • Borgatti’s Handmade Large Cheese or Pumpkin Ravioli – Their tagline says it all: “Well worth the trip!”. And it’s true! It really is worth the trip to Bronx’s Arthur Avenue. This family-run, third generation establishment, has been making fresh ravioli and pasta noodles since 1938. Really, you can’t go wrong bringing anything home from Borgatti’s. Their ravioli’s – which I like to serve with a sage brown butter sauce – are always a secret crowd pleaser.

Lam Zhou Dumplings (Photo via Donny Tsang)

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