Life tastes better with a cookie.”

Meet Paige McCurdy-Flynn, Head Cookie Fairy and Founder of Cookie Fairy Sweets, a unique little cookie company based in Brooklyn, New York. Now, it takes a certain kind of person to call themselves a “cookie fairy”, a certain confidence to own up to the title, and a certain belief to name your company just that. After spending a day with Paige, I discovered there truly is something magical about her. Maybe it’s her infectious laugh, or the way she makes you believe that her cookies are BETTER and HEALTHIER from the freezer box. Whatever it is, I’m sold.

I actually discovered her My Man Cookies while randomly wandering through a small gourmet shop in Park Slope. I had never seen fresh baked frozen cookies marketed in the freezer aisle before and I was intrigued (maybe a little skeptical), but I’m so glad I tried ’em. Her My Man Cookies might be the best cookies I ate last year. You’ll see why during my close-ups of her mix! It’s filled with so many layers of goodness, I stopped counting.

So, have fun hitting play and enjoy my latest story for the new year!

I encourage you to please check out Cookie Fairy Sweets and her line up of flavors on her website. You can purchase her cookies for delivery online, or visit one of a handful of local shops that carry her cookies, here. Oh, and if you like oatmeal raisin cookies, today’s your lucky day.

Thanks for watching food. curated. and supporting small food artisans! Happy Eating!