If you had a rotted shark and live baby eel in front of you, would you eat it?

Well, there’s a club of 400 people in New York who would take a bite without even blinking… Meet The Gastronauts, New York City’s adventurous eating club founded by Curtiss Calleo and Ben Pauker, two very good friends with an appetite for the weird and bizarre cultural foods of the five boroughs.

They started their eating club four years ago simply because their girlfriends didn’t want to join them anymore on their food adventures. So, for fun, they decided to open up their dinners to other like-minded eaters, friends, strangers, anyone who was “game” for eating what most Americans won’t. And what they discovered was that there were more people out there like them than they thought. Now, with over 50 club “meetings” under their belt from Staten Island to the far corners of the Bronx, they can only say that they still have so much more bizarre food to go.

So enjoy this little story about The Gastronauts. I hope you find, like I did, that their mission goes so much further than finding weird stuff for you to eat, it’s about enjoying the flavor of cultures, meeting new friends, and honoring animals from nose to tail.

For more information on joining or to see past menus and photos, you can visit Ben & Curtiss online at: http://www.gastronauts.net/

Happy eating! Thanks for watching food. curated.