When the cold winter arrives, fresh jams and preserves also make their entrance, satisfying personal cravings for the sweet flavors of summer and fall that are no longer vine ripened. Making preserves is tedious, yet rewarding, for if you have mastered the alchemy, you have mastered the creation of heightened flavor – a process specialty jam maker Laura O’Brien has perfected over 18 years of experimenting with ingredients.

In Summer 2009, Laura founded Josephine’s Feast, a new specialty food company built on a passion for preserves and jams. She handcrafts small batch flavors inspired by the fruits and farms found in her New York region- the East End and North Fork of Long Island.

Laura is on a mission to make unique, giftable “flavor creations” for food lovers to enjoy “one teaspoon at a time” or “one jar in a sitting”! Come watch as she shares the secrets to her popular Four Berry Preserves and find out why preserving seasonal ingredients is her passion.

For more information on Josephine’s Feast or to purchase her preserves and jams online, visit: http://www.feastnewyork.com.

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