“My cookies are better than ordinary. It’s a decorated cookie an adult wants to eat.”

Meet Gail Dosik, the founder and cookie aficionado behind One Tough Cookie, a specialty, decorated cookie baking business based in New York City. Gail is a walking talking cookie library of sorts. Ask her anything about cookies, and she could talk to you for hours. She’s one of those people who has to know anything and everything about cookies. No cookies go unturned with her, if you ask me, and I think that’s why her cookies are so great. She does the research.

So, over 8 years ago, when she decided to launch her own decorated cookie company, after spending over 25 years in the fashion industry, you can bet she started with really high standards…for herself most of all. Gail explained to me that there really are only a handful of people in the city who do decorated cookies right, 5-6 well-known cookie makers of her pedigree. When I asked, then, what makes hers extra unique, she was quick to say that of all the decorated cookies out there, she knows her recipe “is the best” in flavor and texture. It’s a pretty cookie, you won’t spit out. In fact, you’ll eat the cookie and kinda nudge Gail for another, like me.

I had a hoot of a time filming with Gail, mostly because, I liked that she called me: Toots. You’ll love her not only because she’s got a healthy serving of New York sass, but also because she’s got a ton of heart. So enjoy the video! Have fun getting lost in cookie world.

To work with Gail to design your own personal cookie or “cookies on cake” for a loved one, for your kids, for an event or holiday, please visit her website One Tough Cookie.

Thanks so much for watching and supporting food. curated.! Happy cookie eating!