“Most of the customers in this area are Fujianese people or Cantonese people, that’s why Xinjiang style food has never opened up around here. I persevere and try to get people to try these flavors because I’m excited to share this type of food.”

Meet Chef/Owner Pang Gil Hwa of Xin Jiang Prosperity Kebabs, a street food cart tucked under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. A 2012 Vendy Awards Finalist.

On this very busy, very noisy corner of Chinatown, Pang Gil Hwa barbecues over a dozen different types of kebabs with her special Xin Jiang spice and smoke treatment. Her lamb kebabs (only $1 each) are the reason she’s known in these parts – tender, juicy and full of distinct flavors that remind Pang Gil Hwa of her home province in China. Enjoy her story!

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Xin Jiang Prosperity Kebab
Division St
New York, NY