Meet the Salem Mashriqi, co-owner of Hazma & Madina Halal Food on the corner of Hillside Avenue and Little Neck Parkway in Glen Oaks, NY. A 2012 NYC Vendy Award Finalist.

This halal food vendor is a little out of the way compared to others, but DEFINITELY worth the trip out. What sets them apart from all the other halal food carts are the Afghani flavors incorporated into their special lamb gyro and chicken gyro recipes and sauces. Personally, I’ve never had a white sauce with so much depth of flavor! Layers of interesting spices and ingredients pop out at you, but I just can’t quite put my finger on them, but that’s the beauty of it. Here, everything is homemade – right down to the spice blends – and everything’s a secret. A true story about coming from nothing and building their own American dream. Enjoy!

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