Now that you’ve mastered rabbit butchering, Executive Chef Sean Rembold of Marlow & Sons moves on to the lip-smacking portion of this series with his own special recipe for rabbit cacciatore – a classic Italian dish paired with creamy polenta (and made with the fresh, local rabbits from John Fazio’s farm).

This is truly a “wow your friends” kind of meal with tons of hearty flavor to bring out the best in the rabbit meat. And, please note, although we did film this in a day, Chef Rembold prefers to let the cacciatore rest overnight so you can skim the fat and let the flavors really penetrate into the meat.

Hope you try the recipe at home, or go out to Brooklyn to visit Marlow & Sons to taste the dish yourself!

81 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-1441

Thanks for watching food. curated. To purchase Fazio’s fresh rabbit meat, click here. Happy eating!

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