NYC Vendy Awards food. curated. was asked to be the Official Storyteller for the 2014 NYC Vendy Awards
Food. Curated. Partners with The New York Times It’s a huge honor to announce my recent partnership with The New York Times. It’s been a hard secret to keep and months in the works, but totally worth the wait. This collaboration will not only allow NYTimes readers
Over $12,000 Raised for Typhoon Relief *** “I am gonna have such a balut hangover…” *** Thanks to all your love, support and impressive appetites, I’m happy to report that we’ll be sending over $12,000 towards typhoon relief in The

food. curated. is an intimate documentary series, founded on the idea that truly good food has a person and story behind it. Come meet inspiring food makers, discover new dishes, and go behind-the-scenes to celebrate the art of food. Storytelling is my passion. Thanks for watching and supporting my dream.