Drawn to Fire: Chef Jeremy Stanton of The Meat Market

VideoBy Liza de Guia on Jul 23, 2013
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“We honor meat every day, it’s why we’re here.”

Meet Jeremy Stanton, the chef and proprietor of The Meat Market, a sustainable butcher shop and one-of-a-kind, fire-roasted catering business in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. If there’s one thing Jeremy loves, it’s a show. A fire show. Ask him about grilling outdoors and his charisma will overwhelm you. For him, there’s no other place he’d rather be then strapped into his flame retardant leather chaps, BBQ tools in hand, surrounded by the crackling sounds of burning wood and the scent of locally grilled meats. This type of cooking is his calling.  He just has a way with fire.

Jeremy opened The Meat Market a little under two years ago. It was his way of giving back to The Berkshires community, a community proud of its farmers and farmland. Before The Meat Market, there weren’t any options for locals to buy fresh cuts of animals raised in the area. Jeremy saw this disconnect and, for years, worked on a plan to solve it. He asked The Universe for help and this is his story.

Right now, Jeremy is happy to say he works with over 20 farms to showcase their meats and produce to hungry locals, offering a variety of grass fed meats, in addition to, homemade pates, hams, flavorful charcuterie and delicious sausages. If you’re not in the mood to cook, he’ll be more than happy to grill the meats for you outback. Every Thursday-Sunday, the shop builds a few fires on their specialty grills and invites the community to partake in the best of what The Berkshires has to offer. It’s a great concept, a lovely staff and certainly a nice addition to the neighborhood. I hope you stop by one day, it’s a fun reason to get out of town.

Thanks so much for watching food. curated. and supporting local farms! Happy Summer Grilling!


  1. abby jenkins says:

    Went to The Meat Market last sunday for the alfresco Argentine style Asado grill and it was amazing. I am still dreaming about that plate of meat and frosty gin and tonic. These guys do it up right!

  2. emily stanton says:

    I am so proud of the work my husband Jeremy does at The Meat Market, and with his catering company Fire Roasted Catering. For over 10 years Jeremy’s commitment to local food has facilitated (along with other entrepreneurs in the region) the growth of our vibrant farming community in the Berkshires.

  3. JON BUDISH says:

    I absolutely loved your video! Jeremy is such a renaissance man! His food is absolutely top-notch! I send all my friends there. The pig roast we had at our house in stockbridge was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone.

  4. Ken De Loreto says:

    Having a butcher in the area is a wonderful add. Having someone The Meat Market makes it even more so. They care about what they serve and where it comes from which is rare these days. My only regret is not having gotten to make it to Fried Chicken night. Soon…soon.

  5. James Newman says:

    I am Jeremy’s brother in law and worked with him for 3 or 4 years doing Fire Roasted Catering gigs. He single-handedly elevated my skill as a cook and an appreciator of the beauty and deliciousness of fresh local food. We have cooked some amazing meals together. His deep love and knowledge of food and his commitment to helping grow the local food community is contagious and important work. The Meat Market is an extension of his passion, a labor ( a lot of labor ) of love. Just swing by the shop and behold: Amazingly delicious cuts of Meat and Poultry raised locally and humanely. Fresh sausages, charcuterie, liverwurst, pate, stocks, etc…all made in house with the care of people who love what they do. There are fresh vegetables supplied by his many farmer friends and other goodies you may need to round out your next home cooked meal. When you meet Jeremy, you are meeting the real deal, whether he is slicing you a steak, sharing a recipe, teaching you how to break down an animal or sharpen a knife, cooking over a crackling fire, or expounding on the state of food in the Berkshires and beyond. Enjoy this amazing resource, people like Jeremy, and a real Butcher Shop, are not easy to find.

  6. Dom Palumbo says:

    As a farmer and cook and lover of fantastic, local, delicious food, I visit the Meat Market as often as I can. It’s tough to say what I love most: the cuts of meat I can’t find anywhere else, the great cured meats, the succulent mouthwatering lunches and dinners, the unwavering dedication to local food, the awesome fire roasting…WOW! And the wonderful staff that’s always eager to please, and delightfully welcoming and pleasant–the ‘au jus’ that makes the dish that much juicer!! Thanks to “Curated” for featuring this meat mecca and foodie landmark in the Berkshires.

  7. Kathleen says:

    I am a regular at the Meat Market. I almost always go for the London Broil which I marinate as instructed by the butchers with olive oil and balsamic for a few hours and the taste cannot be beat. I have a hard time eating meat from the grocery store now. It is not only the taste of local grass fed meat from the MM, but the feeling I have after eating it – energized, like I just ate something extraordinarily good for my body. (The opposite of the lethargic feeling I get after eating standard USDA industrial meat.) The pork chops are also extraordinary, as is their chicken, lamb and house made fresh sausages. The Meat Market has RUINED me for other meat. It is almost unfortunate. But I must emphasize, it is not just about the taste, it is about the nutritional density of the meat, from another time, when we got our meat from our neighbors and not industrial factories. I would recommend the experience.

  8. DD Mill River says:

    This guy is awesome. His catering business did our wedding two years ago. Everyone was stunned by how wonderful the process was, how appealing everything looked and how delicious it all was. At the Meat Market, I’ve purchased a number of really great cuts. The pork roast, which I cooked with a garlic and herb rub, was on of the most delicious pieces of meat I’ve ever eaten. It was full of deep natural satisfying flavor, well cut and tied. The pork chops are great, fatty and full of flavor. And, the steaks are terrific. Yes, the meat costs more than other. But you get so much more flavor and purity. Oh, did I mention the sandwiches at lunch time?
    This place is one of the reasons that Great Barrington is so great.

  9. To begin with I like to say it was such a joy and pleasure working with Liza on this project, she is incredibly talented and focused. It was through her experience and direction that I was able to express more about myself and what I do. We are blessed to live in the country and especially in the Berkshires. We have local farmers to support our food system, that’s not something every area of this country can say. It makes my job that much more exciting, and owning The Meat Market and Fire Roasted Catering that much more interesting. So thank you to all those that made this dream possible, and especially to Liza for depicting it so perfectly in this piece.

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