By Liza de Guia on Nov 7, 2012
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  1. Iggo says:

    I do not have experience in this but I read a book etltnied Feakonomics by Steven Levitt an Stephen Dubner. In this book it explained why we should have an agent like you father had.Here are the basics of earning a few extra dollars on the purchase of a home. (sounds strange: but on any investment, the profit is made on the purchase of a deal).Work to find an agent who is an excellent salesman/woman. -like your dad mentioned. Then write up a contract on the side that states that if they get you into the home for 20K less than the asking price you’ll give your agent an extra 5k. If he/she get you in for 40K less you’ll give him 10K. etc. etc. (make it realative to the ammount you save) Because you are going to pay him/her anyway this will have to be done on the side so that they will work hard for you and not their realtor. This process will save you 15K or 30K and give the agent more will power to work to get YOU that great deal. Be sure you write this up outside of their contract with their Realtor, just to insure that your agent gets the full 5K or 10K and not just the typical 2%.I hope this works for you.

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