Wooly’s Ice: Pimping Out Mad Flavas of Taiwanese-Style Shaved Ice

VideoBy Liza de Guia on May 17, 2012
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“In my head, I just know that if our business failed, it’s not because of the product, it’s definitely because of our business acumen – that’s how much I believe in this product.”

Meet Danny Che, David Sat and Kenneth Sa, the founders and owners of Wooly’s Ice, a Taiwanese-style shaved ice food cart based in New York City’s South Street Seaport. This is a story that doesn’t need much of an introduction. I’ll let the video just speak for itself! Just go ahead, sit back and enjoy the silly seriousness of it all.

Wooly’s Ice won Best Dessert at the 2011 Vendy Awards in New York City. And if you’re heading to The Great GoogaMooga Food Festival in Prospect Park this weekend, be on the lookout for the gang of cousins. I hear they’ve got some nice new threads on showcase.  Plus, summer is right around the corner too! So, if you’re smart, and need something uniquely textured, cool, healthy AND refreshing, you’ll hunt these “ballers” down. I recommend trying an overflowing cup of their new mango-flavored ice with sea salt leche syrup and freshly sliced mangoes. It’s dope.

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  1. These guys are some of my favorite people ever, and Wooly’s is definitely one of my top five desserts in NYC. Absolutely love that they’re getting so much well deserved attention- proof that nice guys finish first.

  2. Cynthia Sha says:

    I LOVE THIS DESERT!! I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first…I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve seen something similar perhaps with frozen yogurt. But i swear…it had me at first bite. I even had seconds! I got the original ice with the leche…so damn good cuz its condensed milk!! yum! and i had all the fruit they could pack in. I’m psyched to find out they have a new mango flavor. It’s my favorite fruit so I’m checking them out ASAP.

  3. Jannie says:

    Thanks for posting this video! Now I don’t have to explain what shaved snow ice is to my friends.Glad to see it’s finally arriving in NYC.I’m looking forward to trying the Wooly version.
    I’ve see shaved snow in other cities in North America, San Gabriel and Arcadia CA, Washington DC and Houston.

  4. Peter says:

    check this joint out, if you not a big desert person, this is perfect

    if you are a big desert person, this is also perfect

  5. I’m a huge fan, there’s nothing like it here in nyc. Flushing has something close to it, but Wooly’s is def my favorite snow icy treat! Love love love

  6. I adore this video! The sneak peek at TechMunch had me hooked & the whole video is wonderful. Having talked to these guys a few times, it’s hilarious to see them letting loose.

    And the extra bonus? The shaved ice is phenomenal. Absolutely delicious.

    • Liza de Guia says:

      Awww. Thanks Emily!!!! I’m really really glad you liked it. Sometimes, I wonder if I just think things are funny, but I’m glad everyone enjoys my silly side. Danny & David totally brought it out. I hope to see you sometime soon.

  7. Donna says:

    this was hilarious! who knew shaved ice could be straight thug lol. the first time i tried this shaved ice i was a bit floored. i’ve only had crunchy shaved ice, even the taiwanese ices they had in flushing were crunchy and hard. Sure they gave 34384379 toppings but the ice itself sucked. I’m not a super sweet tooth kind of person so i love this ice plain. Well, maybe with a touch of the leche syrup (condensed milk sauce w/ some sea salt). this really isn’t about the gazillion toppings.. what shines is the ice and i like to have it simple and plain. i could eat this everyday in the summer if i could.

    • Liza de Guia says:

      Hi Donna! Thanks for your little story! I didn’t realize the hilarity I was getting myself into when I pressed record. Do you have a favorite Wooly’s combo?

    • Donna says:

      Liza I actually like it plain the best.. with maybe a touch of the Leche on top

  8. Rich Mazanek says:

    This video got me pumped to get out there this summer. This stuff looks de…lectable!

  9. Emily says:

    Saw these guys at the Yelp Holiday market in December. Even though it was FREEZING out, still had some. Shared a large green tea ice with mochi and sea salt condensed milk with a friend. Wish I got a big one for myself, though, because it was the bomb.

    Danny’s hilarious. Wish he had more time to chat at GoogaMooga, but the line was super long. Fresh new uniforms, too. Will need to swing by Seaport to try out the new mango flavor.

    Thanks for posting this vid – had no idea so much work went into making the ice!

  10. Craig Korth says:

    The video is high quality and really good production – thanks for posting. As for Wooly’s, what more can you ask for than people trying to add something different to the NYC food scene and succeeding. Identifying what people want and bringing it to them is the essence of entrepreneurship. And who doesn’t like more dessert

  11. Patrick says:

    Love Woolys! They are so original, and I haven’t had anything like it. I normally get the original flavor with mochi and brownies. I spoke to the owners before, and they said they bake the brownies themselves every night.

    So happy to see that they are gaining more exposure. They deserve it!

  12. Andrew says:

    I first tried Wooly’s in Downtown Manhattan and let me tell you they are one of a kind that serves several different flavors – like danny says, in one word “DELICIOUS.” I like the fact that I am eating flavored ice with a consistency like ice cream! It’s healthy for you and offers great fresh toppings. The staff is great! video is awesome and had me laughing, props to you guys!

  13. Steve says:

    I first tried them near Brooklyn Bridge last year and then they disappeared. I cant believe they are now at Seaport. Thank you for finding them!!! I cant wait to get myself a shaved iced.

  14. k dawg says:

    woolys fulfilled my chlidhood dream of being able to eat snow without being yelled at or looked at with disapproving stares. but these cats also took my personal bliss of eating snow to another level. if you’ve had woolys before, then i bet you know wat i mean. so for everyone that enjoyed eating snow as a kid…and hasnt tried woolys yet…you gotta go to seaport and find these dudes!

  15. Catherine says:

    By far the best shaved ice in New York City. I love the consistency of the texture and taste till the very last bite. Liza you did an amazing job at capturing the co-founders motivation and drive to take Wooly’s to the next level.

  16. Diana says:

    omg.. danny. hahahha. i love woolys!! I’ve only had the original, but can’t wait to try green tea and mango- the texture of their ice is amazing! i wish these guys tons of success, vegas money, b’s, lexuses, etc.

  17. Big Al says:

    Can’t rave enough about this dessert! It’s awesome because unlike many other desserts it’s not extremely sweet or heavy but at the same time it’s still extremely SATISFYING. The unique texture and flavor of the ice complement each other so well . Love that I don’t have to travel back to Taiwan to get an awesome respectful shaved ice!!

    These guys deserve every ounce of success for serving a product they believe in — work hard to build and have fun with !

  18. Tony says:

    i love the video production and the awesome background music

    these guys are are hilarious and danny is straight clownin, but you can tell they are very serious and passionate about their product

    ive had woolys a handful of times since its inception. the ice is one of a kind and i think it mixes well with all their toppings. my personal favorite is the original ice with brownie bites and strawberries

    props for the awesome video and to woolys for changing up the shaved ice game in nyc #money #cars #clothes


  19. Elle Kavor says:

    Hi!! I’ve tried Woolys and absolutely love it. It would be my go-to dessert (whenever I am in the vicinity of Woolys) and my substitute for ice cream (and trust me, I’m was an ice cream monster, the full fat kind). But Woolys is even better in my opinion because its texture is just perfect, light and fluffy but oddly enough heavy enough to satisfy the dessert craving. I will start planning my meals based on the proximity of getting Woolys for dessert instead of the questionable stuff restaurants serve. Best part about Woolys is, you dont have to feel bad after eating it b/c its so light!

  20. Elle Kavor says:

    Btw, those guys are pretty good looking, any of them single?

  21. Big Dche says:

    Thanks all for all the love, player really ‘ppreciate your time taking a look at a vid of us. Now you guys know how we roll, straight clownin. We had such a great time shooting with Liza..she made us look good on video and not awkward, nervous wrecks. Liza, I will be glad to do another video anytime, and this time, I’ll do the entire video interview as Tony Montana. #sayhellotomylilfriend

  22. Caroline Altschul says:

    i’m excited wooly’s is back!!! one of my fav new things last year. great way to get my serving of fruit for the day. thanks for always having perfectly ripe fruit. cant wait to taste that amazing texture again.

  23. Mandy says:

    one word. delicious. (Sorry, Danny. I had to.)

    So glad to see that the guys are as awesome as their ice!

  24. Emma says:

    Woo woo woo woooly! I love the flavored shaved ice and fresh fruit toppings. It’s the perfect refreshing treat, any day any time!

  25. Mel says:

    非常好吃。Honestly, Wooly’s does it better than the places in Taiwan. So excited to be able to get ice this good in NYC.

  26. Yvearl says:

    Man, that’s so cool. Texas could use some Wooly’s Ice! Love the video w/ nice tunes!

  27. Melissa says:

    I’ll be checkin these dudes out when I come to The Big Apple. I love shaved ice & this stuff looks too good.

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