By Liza de Guia on May 15, 2012
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  1. Jasin says:

    Why are illegals hnavig kids already they know in advance they cannot afford or support them ? This is abuse of the system and continues to be a practice, they are incline to allow the taxpayers of America to support their kids with everything being free.It is a great deal, they have a kid , they are on Medicaid, which means to get this Medicaid, their income is limited, therefore they put their kids on public assistance, this means the kids will get free medical care with no co pays, free medications with no co pays, free school meals, them hnavig kids , should not be a burden for the rest us.We got enough deadbeats here. If the illegals are vital to what the open border lobby claims is American’s Economic situation, is depending on taxes new illegals who get amnesty will pay, this shows they take away more from America rather than what they are giving back .If Nebraska already has 1000 women here illegally, giving birth, how many would it come out to ,if all the states provided their numbers ?

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