Unapologetic Bad Ass Baked Goods: Black Jet Baking Company

VideoBy Liza de Guia on Mar 13, 2012
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“We like the fact that we’re not gimmicky, and we’re not precious, and we’re not anything more than giving you the best baked goods that you’re going to be satisfied with…”

Meet Gillian Sara Shaw the owner and baking machine behind Black Jet Baking Company, a self-proclaimed “bad ass” baked goods company in San Francisco, California. Gillian was destined to be a baker. She grew up on the East Coast, baking in the kitchen with her mom and sister, developing her own special recipes before she was even 10 years old. She loves it. She’s good at it. And she’s determined to take her baked goods national.

Gillian specializes in modern takes on nostalgic items, reinventing recipes using high-quality ingredients for things you loved growing up: devils dogs, pop tarts, pies and bundt cakes. She has a beautiful story to tell. I hope you like it!

To taste and order her bad-ass baked goods, visit her online store here. You can also find her products at a number of cafes and shops in San Francisco, including the Ferry Building. Her Pop Breakfast Sampler and hand-pies are particular favorites of mine.

The Next Big Small Brand Contest Tasting + Judging Event is March 27th at BAM in Brooklyn. This is the 2nd of 6 finalist videos I’m making for the contest. Come out and support small food artisans!

Thanks for watching food. curated.! Happy eating!


  1. Mark Guncheon says:

    Liza, great job again. I love how the emphasis is on classic homemade desserts that taste good, made while having a lotta fun. You can “see” how good they taste though I’d prefer to actually eat them.

  2. Peggy Prouty says:

    way to go Gilly. video made me smile the whole time and can’t wait to go to the Ferry building again for some more samples. wish I could see you in NY.

  3. Love what you guys are doing! Grandma if she listened to Metallica perfect!

  4. CaviarBoy says:

    Thanks for this interesting and inspiring article. Nothings beats seeing the old comfort food with a modern take to it.

  5. L-J says:

    Well, I don’t think I’m going to be traveling to San Francisco anytime soon – I’m in Toronto – but I have to try my hand at some of those! The raspberry pop tarts and those little pies look awesome! Besides that, what a cool business! Not some soulless corporate entity.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi Gillian, So happy you’re doing what you’ve always loved! Ive heard great things above your creations! So proud of you! Wondering where the bad ass come from Lol love & miss you all

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