Everything that Matters in a Single Scoop of Ice Cream: The Bent Spoon

VideoBy Liza de Guia on Jun 26, 2011
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“The model was the starving, but well fed artist. We went in figuring we’re going to make what we want and how we want it, and do it the best we can and buy the best ingredients we can so our ice cream has an insurance that it tastes good for people.”

Meet Gab Carbon & Matt Errico, the founders of The Bent Spoon, a locally-loved, artisan, small-batch ice cream shop in Princeton, New Jersey. Gab & Matt both grew up in The Garden State; learning at a very young age, through their food loving Italian-American families, how to cook and appreciate the special terroir of New Jersey. For them, eating was a way of understanding and honoring a “taste of place”, a way of enjoying the specific food of an area – a philosophy that stayed with them when they met and discovered their mutual love of ice cream and started experimenting with local ice cream flavors in their kitchen. And, after their flavor inventions became too good to be just a hobby, they decided to open The Bent Spoon – becoming one of the first ice cream shops in the NYC area to really source locally and introduce their customers to novel and interesting flavors that really celebrated New Jersey.

So, come watch a little behind-the-scenes peek inside one of my favorite go-to ice cream brands. I think you’ll find that, for them, it’s a lot more than just ice cream.

The Bent Spoon

35 Palmer Square West
Princeton, NJ 08542-3711

*Also a vendor on select weekends at The New Amsterdam Market in New York City.

Hope you head down to Princeton to visit! Everyday, they make and rotate flavors depending on the season. So, when you go, just ask them what their farmers are growing and try those flavors first

Thanks for watching food. curated.! Happy Eating!




  1. This is, without question, the greatest ice cream on the entire planet, and probably my favorite sweet treat ever. With our business we don’t get to take extended vacations and need to stay within driving distance, and every time we talk about going somewhere we first figure out it’s proximity to The Bent Spoon.

    I’ve already spoken about how much this place means to me on our site, so I won’t bother going through it all again (http://robicellis.tumblr.com/post/6480431964/flavors-monday-june-13th). But if you love food, you NEED to find a way down to Princeton for Bent Spoon Ice Cream (particularly later this summer when the Sweet Corn flavor comes into roatation- it’s like magic).

  2. Avery says:

    I used to live right outside of Princeton where there are 3 different indie ice cream shops and the bent spoon is more than just a little bit special. It was always a popular family and friend destination!! The dark chocolate sorbet with a scoop of pistachio is unmatched. Now that I live in MA, I miss it so much!!! They deserve every bit of love and press that they get!

    • Liza de Guia says:

      Hi Avery. I will say, I did feel that “family” vibe. They were so welcoming to all their customers. I love how they individually label all their ice cream pints with cute words like “Wow!” or “Cool” or “Awesome!”. I think the love is all in the details.

  3. My friends say the ice cream is excellent. I don’t know. I’ve never had it. I have type 1 diabetes and they wont make an option for me.

  4. My friends say the ice cream is excellent. I don’t know. I’ve never had it. I have type 1 diabetes and they wont make an option for me.

  5. joe says:

    Bent Spoon has some of the best ice cream! The lavender marscapone is insane!

  6. Jay says:

    No trip to Princeton is complete without a stop at The Bent Spoon. There isn’t one flavor I’ve tried that I haven’t enjoyed. People may be used to receiving larger sizes but the flavors are so intense, you get the most out of the portions you receive. It’s really a place that needs to be visited…great people, great ice cream.

    • Liza de Guia says:

      Right now I have their coconut and their raspberry chocolate flavor in my freezer. When I was there I tried the lemon mint for the first time which was awesome too. I would have eaten through every flavor if given the chance

  7. jai says:

    really, ads in the middle of a four minute video….. before would be better if you have to have them to pay the bills… and, an ad for TGI Friday’s during a piece on artisan ice cream…. what a double message.

  8. Lacie says:

    This couple is ADORABLE! I would travel there to eat their ice cream and would love to be their friends!

  9. Sam says:

    Growing up in the Philly area, I’ve been a Bent Spoon fan for years! They introduced me to the now-beloved, one-ingredient banana whip. And nothing made me happier when I was catering a wedding, getting into the down-to-the-wire panic mode, and seeing them show up on a motorcycle with an insulated sidecar full of delicious gelato to save the day!

  10. Dean Sparks says:


    Cool that they source a lot of their stir-ins from local farms. Did you get a sense as to where they get their dairy ingredients? Maybe some local, organic milk and cream would help add to their market positioning?

  11. Maddie says:

    Hi I really like your style of blogging. It is creative and it’s really nice to have a video to watch and almost experience the food. I really loved they way you filmed the video, it was very nice seeing people talk about their work, but then actually be able to see what they do. I am dying to try some of this ice cream! Thank you for sharing!

    • Liza de Guia says:

      Thanks Maddie. I appreciate your kind words and feedback. I hope you fall in love with the people. That’s my aim with every video, to make you want to know them and support them because what they do is so full of love and vision and passion. Thanks for watching!

  12. My family members all the time say that I am killing my time here at net, however I know I am getting experience daily by reading thes good articles.

  13. Diane says:

    LOVE The Bent Spoon and Very proud to say that our 22 year old started peeling bananas and juicing fruit there when he was 12! It is way more than just ice cream! Hip Hip Hooray to all the smiles.
    Liz, your work is amazing too and I think I may have been one of the people who suggested them to you years ago…

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